We are Cheaper than a Skip!

We are Cheaper than a Skip!

You would be surprised how expensive and much hassle it can be to hire a skip…

…At 2nd Time Around, we can both reduce your expense and take away the hassle and worry. Here’s why we’re better than hiring a skip:


  • Many councils require a permit to place a skip on the public highway, including pavements and grass verges.
    • At 2nd Time Around, we use our vans to complete your House Clearance and not skips. No permits or special permissions are required.
  • When you hire a skip, anyone can throw their rubbish into it and you are paying for their waste.
    • We control what goes into our Vans, so you only pay for YOUR waste to be removed.
  • Skips can be left for weeks until they are picked up and removed. This be prove extremely inconvenient and unsightly.
    • We complete the majority of our house and rubbish clearance jobs within a matter of hours, leaving you without a skip in sight.
  • When you hire a skip, you undertake all of the clearance work yourself, leaving you to tidy up all of the mess afterwards.
    • As a professional House Clearance company, we will tidy up all of our mess afterwards, so you don’t have to.
  • You always pay for a full skip, regardless of whether or not it is full. This can be incredibly poor value for money, especially if you only have a small number of items to clear.
    • At 2nd Time Around, you only pay for what we clear. All prices are discussed and agreed before the job is undertaken, so you only pay for what we remove.
  • Many skip firms will not take Paints, TV’s or Refrigerators. 
    • As a responsible business, we are fully Waste Management Registered, and we are able to recycle and dispose of these items.


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